Do you know about professional conversion program(PCP)?


Would you like to get salary support from the government for your hiring activity? We are proud to announce our collaboration with Straits Interactive which aims to train individuals to be certified in Data Protection. We have a pool of high calibre professionals which are able to bring forth greater value to your business and company. We would love to connect with you. Contact us at +65 62957155 or TODAY. 

As the PCP Placement Center , JonDavidson is in a unique position to help PMET back on track for a second chance in their chosen career. Sonny Yuen, Managing Director, JonDavidson Group. Many know the importance of staying resilient in good times and in bad times. So do they also know of this excellent scheme and pool of resources that can better prepare them for the challenges ahead?" Titus Tung, Senior Talent Acquisition Director, JonDavidson Group.