When you engage us to be your executive search partner, it will be about YOU.

It’s not just about finding a qualified candidate for your job opening.  The methodology which we have meticulously developed allows us to find not only a personality who is qualified to do the work, but one whose beliefs and behaviour are in alignment with your company’s core values and culture.

In order to fulfil this criteria, it is essential for us to understand your company and its business well. You will not be engaged by merely “ticking off a list” of what you require from a prospective employee. Instead, a trusted relationship is built with you. You share with us your company’s business challenges, its mission, and its values. You will come to see us as partners investing in your success. When we go on the search for your right executive candidate, we are an extension of you.


Benefit From Asia Coverage

Our search coverage extends from Singapore to Asia Pacific including China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Hong Kong. We have made noteworthy breakthroughs and continual successes in China, even though it is well-known to be one of the toughest markets for talent search.


Our Methodology

A candidate’s commencement of work with you is never considered an event to be taken lightly but is due to a series of well-managed processes.

Development of position specifications – The key to each successful placement is a thorough understanding of your needs and expectations. Detailed investigation and briefing session allow us to establish an exact picture of your organization and position.


Search Strategy – As we operate in an ever-changing environment, both in terms of business and technology, most placed candidates are not just from our database. Our extensive network of sources is accessed to identify prospective candidates for opportunities evaluation. The candidates are then interviewed and evaluated to ascertain they fit with your organization’s culture.

Presentation of Candidates – The finest choices of talent will be short-listed for presentation to you, after a stringent filtering process.

Interview with You – Interviews will be arranged between you and the candidates and their responses are evaluated after each interview.

Reference Check – Reference checks are conducted and you are advised of the outcome.

Negotiation – Negotiation of appropriate compensation package for the selected candidate are handled by us. We will also ensure that the candidate resigns and does not accept any counter-offer from his or her current employer. This has been increasingly important and valuable as commended by our clients.

Follow up – Though the search assignment concludes, we will continue to maintain contact with both the candidate and the employer to pave the way for a comfortable and compatible relationship.