contract staffing (employers)

Contract staffing is a viable solution when you need extra manpower with a project, or your full-time employee is on leave, or during a hiring freeze, to name a few situations.  Contract staffers help your company continue to function effectively in such temporary situations, without incurring the permanent costs and liabilities associated with permanent hires. You will also have immediate productivity from a contractor who comes with the required experience and skill for the job at hand.

Having a vast pool of contractors with skills, qualifications and varied industry experience, we select the most qualified candidate for your specific job. Not only will we take care of the sourcing, you can also leave the background checks and interviewing to us.

Salary and payroll of the contract staff, including CPF contributions, and administration of insurance policies are handled by us.

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contract staffing (candidate)

Our consultants are human resource specialists from varied industries, which give us the ability to ensure that your skills, qualifications and personality suit the job. This means that we will only offer you placements which you can be successful in.

Whether you are a new entrant in the workforce or a homemaker desiring to return to the work force, we will find a suitable assignment for you.

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