You may be an employer who has had, or are about to lay off some of your employees because of unforeseen circumstances. Being caring and responsible, you are concerned about how these employees will be affected practically and emotionally. You want to help them to make a smooth and timely career transition.

Our Outplacement Services provide support to displaced employees by helping them to re-orient themselves in the job market and make a career transition.

Here are some reasons why your Company will want to invest in our Outplacement program:

  • Current employees will notice that the company is genuinely concerned about the welfare of the individuals who worked for them. This gives them the confidence that the company will also support them should the time come for them to make their exit. This can be a morale booster.

  • The departing employee feels appreciated and maintains a positive relationship with the company.

  • The public perception of the company is elevated as the company is seen to value their employees and take care of them, even as they depart.

  • The risk of litigation and reputation damage by disgruntled ex-employees is reduced.

  • The company may require us to run group workshops for their departing employees.

The sessions will include:

  • Self-assessment of skills and experience

  • Managing the job search

  • Covering letters and preparing CVs

  • Interviewing skills

  • How to network

How does JonDavidson help the individual laid-off employee?

If you are the individual who has suffered an unexpected job loss, you may be unsure about your next move, or even how to make it. You will work with one of our highly experienced career coaches to:

  • Look into career options after assessing your experience and key skills

  • Make a career action plan for the next job and for the future

  • Help you develop your resume and write your CV and cover letters

  • Help to locate the target jobs through the various channels including our own database of good clients

  • Prepare for interviews by coaching you on presentation

  • Negotiate your salary

  • Provide you with an “office” to work at whilst waiting for a job opportunity

To find out more about our Outplacement Services, please fill in our contact form below and one of our specialists will get in touch with you.


outplacement (employers)

Our team of multi-industry recruitment specialists are always ready to help you find the right candidate for your permanent vacancies, no matter what business you are in.

We will seek to understand your Company’s business and culture. We will listen to you, and make sure that we know what the job entails.  Gaining all these insights, we ensure that we will send you only the most suitable candidates.

The candidates whom we select to meet with you will be briefed on the position and your Company.

We have a ready and substantial pool of candidates just waiting to find the right fit in the right job.

Tell us about your permanent staffing requirements here.


outplacement (Candidates)

Our consultants are human resource specialists from varied industries, which give us the ability to ensure that your skills, qualifications and personality suit the job and the client’s company.  You will only be offered interviews for positions which we are confident that you will be successful in.

Whether you are a new entrant in the workforce, or if you have years of experience and skill sets, we will find you the right job and Company to grow your career with.

Join our valued pool of candidates by submitting your resume here.

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