Our Methodology


JonDavidson Methodology

Every successful placement is a result of conscientious efforts of managed processes. We adopt a proven series of steps which ensures success right from the start.

Search Process
Development of position specifications

The key to each successful assignment is a thorough understanding of our Client’s needs and expectations. Detailed investigation and briefing session allow our Consultants to establish an exact picture of your organization and position.

JonDavidson Search Strategy
We will access our extensive network of sources to identify prospective Candidates for evaluation.

Interview and Evaluation
Our Consultants will interview and evaluate the list of Candidates, especially to ascertain the Candidate’s culture fit with our Client’s organization.

Presentation of Candidates
The most qualified Candidates will be short-listed for presentation to our Clients. Notably, the Candidates targeted are the most outstanding in their profession. Through our stringent filtering process, we will present Clients with the finest choices of talents.

Interview with Client
We will arrange interview between Clients and Candidates and evaluate their responses after each interview.

We will handle the negotiation of appropriate compensation package for the selected Candidate.

Reference check
We conduct reference checks and advise Clients of the outcome.

Follow up
Though the search assignment concludes, its our commitment to pave the way for a comfortable and compatible relationship for both Client and Candidates.