Specialized C & B Consultancy

Consultancy – Compensation & Benefits

Besides hiring the desired talents, the next challenge is to ensure that they are motivated to contribute to the success of the Company. Hence JonDavidson is offering consultancy on Compensation and Benefits as an added service to enhance your investment in your people
We can provide practical, operational and business-oriented advice on employee compensation and benefits

Benefits to your organization:
– Attract talent in this competitive market
– Motivate employee to meet business objectives
– Retain valued employee
– Ensure the continuity of your business

Our approach:
We start with customization: An analysis to diagnose, evaluate alternatives, and make fact-based decisions which will help you meet your business objectives.

What we offer:
1) Base Salary Systems and Structures
The base salary structure is the foundation on which all of your company’s human resources programs are anchored. On its own, your base salary program helps ensure that employees are consistently and equitably paid, in line with management’s philosophy and intent. It also facilitates hiring and promotion decisions.
It is the solid base from which to successfully implement incentive programs to manage and drive both individual and team performance. Our consulting team can assist you in developing a base salary structure that is tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of your company.

2) Productivity / performance incentive plan
Variable Incentive Plans are reward programs whose payments are typically contingent on achieving some key performance indicators (KPI). Incentive compensation can be a powerful tool for aligning employee efforts with organizational objectives. We are available to work with you in designing and implementing incentive plans that will help drive your business forward.

3) Sales Compensation
Sales compensation plans play a critical role in driving sales excellence, but they present many complex design challenges. We can help you define your company’s specific sales roles and responsibilities, and translate your unique sales strategy into a creative incentive plan which motivates and rewards the efforts to meet your sales targets

4) Post-Merger harmonization of T&C and benefits
After a merger or acquisition, the smooth integration is critical to ensure that the entities are aligned and focused on common business goals. We can help you to promote a positive and engaging environment and culture to ensure business success by reviewing the terms and conditions of employment and harmonizing the compensation and benefits programs to support employees commitment to the new organization.

5) Communication and Training
The success of your compensation initiative depends as much on its communication and implementation as on its technical design. Ensuring that employees, managers and organizational leaders understand the program and have the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill their roles and responsibilities is critical to program success. We are available to plan, design and deliver communication and training to support all compensation initiatives.

In line with Singapore National agenda, Your basic investment range from SGD10,000 to SGD20,000 depending on scope and size of company with possible government grants.

Our lead consultant:
Our lead consultant has over than 25 years of international HR experience with 10 years in Compensation and Benefits with Fortune 500 companies.
Her role include analysis of salary and benefits market data, developing compensation and incentive programs to reward employees; regular reviews of benefits program to ensure cost effectiveness; and legal compliance to achieve the greatest optimization for both the company and employees. These accountabilities are in addition to developing and implementing an effective performance appraisal system and salary administration process.

She has been involved in setting up of companies in various countries, and working on M&A projects at a global level. Other post-merger activities including integration of C&B of different entities in Asia Pacific countries.

Education and Qualification
She holds a Master of Science with honors (HR) (National University of Ireland) and Bachelor of Business in Business Administration (RMIT,) Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management (SIM), and is a Global Remuneration Professional (USA) with World @ Work, and Associate Practicing Management Consultant with Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council